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Covered some Local drifting

Well it seems that upstate Ny is Finally getting in on the drift scene thing. I mean its only three years late but What the hell right. This is the second event we have had at Lebanon Valley Speedway and the turnout wasnt bad.

I missed a number of cars in my picture taking but they still wouldn’t let camera people just wander around and do dangerous things to get cool shots so here is some of the better ones i took.

This S13 and the concrete barrier in the picture had an abrupt meeting after this run. It was really upsetting, the ambulance dudes were nowhere to be found. Car is pretty much a lost cause now

A few dudes from Ziptied were there. It seemed like all the more serious cars were broken most of the day though 😦

Possibly one of my favorite cars of the day. Low, clean and original colors for a set of battles.

This blue Brian Heart-esque colored s14 was killing his runs for his first time out on a track.

This sweet datsun was just chillin out in the parking lot. Awesome car but i has “mazda speed” ebay racing seats in it. Still wicked cool looking. I was standing right behind it when it started too, sounded good.

you can check out the rest of the pictures i took here


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