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Upstate Lame

Well with this heat wave there hasn’t really been a lot to do up here. Ny’ers aren’t built for 95* 90% humid days. I kinda just hide indoors where there is delicious AC.

Car Update: Nothing is going on with the car. Haha. Its looks just the way I want it too exterior wise for now. I will probly start saving up for coilovers and a few other small things soon. I am getting the horrible looking Subaru wagon winter beater ready for another long hard winter. I might actually fix the non-existant exhaust this year and do the brakes on it. Maybe buy a set of 15×10 steelies and put fender flares on it. Mad maxx shit

There is supposed to be one more drift dealie before the end of the year but we’ll see if the cock suckers at the track don’t schedule another gay drag race the same day as our event which has been scheduled month in advance. I might go check out an autocross to. Wont drive though cause im to “pika pika”


One response

  1. Nothing wrong with a suby wagon -_^, great choice too

    and they will last you forever(properly maintained) + they can be a parts hauler for events; wheels, tire, jacks, ect


    The Lexy lookin good either way

    August 19, 2009 at 1:29 pm

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