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Suspension Arms: Battle version

Another SC enthusiast who was building what would have be a community and world famous twin turbo murdered out SC brought to my attention that I left out Battle Version in my rear suspension arm talk. You can thank UZZ-TT for letting me use personal pictures of his car for this post check out his Blog in my ZOMGHI2UGUYS role under UZZ-TT. At the time I had totally forgot about Alex Pfeiffer and all the work he is currently doing on his own SC.

If you have been reading my blog you know I was quite heated about the ugly vinyl job that ruined his car, but never once did i ever say anything about its craftsmanship. I think the mechanical and technical work he has done to the car is awesome. He never cut a single corner in the actual building of the machine, just in the visual package which all of you know that I believe looks is the most important part to drifting. You can have all the skill in the world and the best set up car ever and still look like a bag of wet dicks compare to a mediocre driver with mediocre skill and a car that looks awesome. Keep up the good R&D Alex and just get some better taste haha.

Anywho back onto the suspension arms.

Here you can see the Toe arm sort of hiding behind the lower control arm and th traction rod/arm toward the back. 

The battle version Toe arms look very similar to the PHR toe arms.  Almost Identical.  When compared to the Topspeed and megan units there are lots of differences.  The battle version tube stock loots to be beefier as well as all the rod ends.  Notice there is no rubber.  These as it says on the Battle version website are built to replace those cheap mushy rubber bushings for better feel and control.

The rear traction arms again are very similar design to the PHR units from my last post.  They are different color of course and the rod ends have a gold tint versus the PHR silver.  This could mean the BV ends contain more brass and less aluminum making them a little bit stronger. That is just a speculation of my own however.  Alex Pfeiffer feel free to chime in on this if you ever stumble across this post.  Again versus the Megan and top speed untis there is a lot of differences on the stock and rod ends.  No rubber here.

At double the price of the ebay and PHR stuff the Battle Version units will make you realize your wallet is a little bit lighter but its still much much cheaper than anything i could find across the pond and that is before considering shipping and the wait time to get something nobody carries over here. I want to look into the PHR units and the Battle Version units to find what differences there might be for $200.

Stay tuned


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