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Itech X-wing 7.8 Catch Glove

I finally found a senior  sized glove that fits my smaller hand.  I used to have problems with senior sized catch gloves rotating on my hand and letting harder shots through.  The Itech glove takes care of this buy having individual finger stalls and three straps.  One goes over the finger stalls which is weird at first, then second over your palm and the third over your wrist. The fit is excellent, no rotation, the pocket is nice and large an i found the double T trap keep the pocket nicely open and shapely.  I had a few great glove saves in it within the first game.

The X-wing 7.8  is no longer a current model since itch was bought by Bauer but it is last years model and conforms to the new NHL rules.  It has Pro Spec sewn right into the wrist.  I decided to change my colors a little bit this year from White/Royal blue/silver to Navy/Royal blue/white.  The glove is also all JenPro weave material instead of normal leather so it should hold up alot better.

After seeing the quality of this glove I may need to check out the 7.8 x-wing leg pads.  They are on clearance at goalie monkey for $399


2 responses

  1. bhworld


    I think it’s so funny that everything has the “carbon” look

    September 23, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    • yeah thats the big thing now. The like weave design. It actually is stronger though and doesnt show wear nearly as much

      September 23, 2009 at 7:01 pm

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