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JZZ Update

Well its the offseason now and I’m actually still driving my SC around cause it hasn’t snowed here yet. Not really to much to report on it as i have had to spend alot of money on winterization.  Bought one of those pop up garages for it to store it at my parents house.  Don’t worry its rated for a snow load.

Other than that i have purchased two new fron calipers for the car.  Look for a werite up on painting them.  Not sure of the color yet.  And I also ordered two new bumper side marker lights since i some how lost one.

The Zee’s wing has been fully sanded and prepped for paint now.  Its sad cause I really liked the green color that the wing was, but painting the green wing white to match the car is alot cheap than painting the white car green to match the wing. lol

Really trying to get the car manual converted and ready to be used at a few drift events next year


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