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SRS Movie Review: Paranormal Activity

Went to see this movie this weekend,  really wasn’t that stoked to see it but I felt i had to after all the hype its been recieving and reading a few mixed reviews.  Lots of people saying its the scariest movie ever and all this stuff.  Then more level headed people saying its not scary at all and all the other people are morons.

To start off let me clear something up for you, THIS IS NOT BASED ON A TRUE STORY.  This is a film mokumentary that was made for a 2007 film fesitval.  I also believe this film was designed for couples.  After watching the couple in the movie interact it is a very date-ish movie.  The entire time watching the film I remember thinking this is the perfect movie for a young budding  relationship.  Bring a new gullible girlfriend, get her scared and get her a little closer break the cuddle barrier for the first time.

The movie to me wasn’t scary as much as it was designed perfectly to build up moments and play on things we have all expirienced.  What got people into the move was the “demon” and how it did things we can all relate to.  A lot of us have homes that are dark and creeky at night.  Drafts make odd noises, shadows playing trick on our eyes, the wind might make a shutter bang against the house in the middle of the night and wake you up and for a moment you have that freaked out dazed sleepy “what the hell was that” feeling.  This movie was mostly that but to the extreme.  Add to that a good producer /director who are masters at building suspense and you have a movie that could freak some people out.

It wasn’t a bad movie at all.  Like I said guys take a girl and go to the late showing, she won’t want to go home alone. On a side night I thought the female in the movie was rather frumpy and chubby, so don’t expect to leave this movie sexually aroused in anyway.  If anything it’ll make you appreciate that the girl you brought with you isn’t a cow.


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