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Winter project #1

Well I got some free S14 sideskirts from Franknut. Thanks again DUDE!!!

They are origin aggressive which fit the look of my car better and the only company that makes a sideskirt this aggresive for my car is BN Sports and they cost $369 before shipping. I like free with some work better.

#1 the side skirts need to be cut and extended almost 2″
#2 This area needs to be cut out for door clearance after test fitting again
#3 this area may or may not have to have some fiberglass added or extended to but up to the door in the front. I’ll know once i can test fit better
#4 the tops may need to be shortened to follow the body lines of the car better


Here you can see the Vertex style sideskirt off my car at the top and the Origin S14 sideskirt below

This is how short the s14 skirt is compared to the vertex skirt.

Test fitting the s14 skirt on the car with the correct amount of extension

Now since the test fit I have done some more thinking. The tops of the s14 skirts will need extensive modification as you can see in the picture. My idea that is what if i cut the top of the side skirts clean off at the seam and the grafted the flare onto the existing vertex skirts. I could rivit the two bottoms of the skirts together and then fiber glass along the seam where the flare would meet the vertex sideskirt which would basically be right at the door sill. I think this would require less work and actually create a stronger sturdier sideskirt


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