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JZZ Update: Thrift shopping

I would like to take a minute and go over something for everyone.  The fact that while cars do cost money you can save a lot of money in building a car and do not have to sacrifice safety or quality.  Lets take the items i have just recently purchased.  I’m going to list them and their MSRPs then what i got them for

Sparco side mount Seat bracket (steel) $69 + shipping

Corbeau JZA80 Supra seat frame and slider $99 + shipping

G-force 5 point cam lock harness (SFI approved) $149 + shipping

SC300 vertex style side skirt $350 shipped

Now I shopped around to see if i could find the best prices on the following items.  My criteria was i wanted a non ugly side mount bracket without a brand name on it that was ok priced,  I wanted a seat frame that was decently priced and could work with other seats and did not sit too low, I originally wanted a 4 pt harness for ease of use and a little more comfort but I wanted an SFI approved harness for safety reasons so i had trouble finding that.  Following are the prices and sources i found the items at.

2x Sparco steel seat brackets (red) $49.00 shipped source was ebay

Corbeau seat frame & slider $99 shipped source was Jvg Motorsports

G-Force 5 point cam lock harness $67.95 shipped source was ebay

SC300/400 Vertex style sideskirts $200 shipped source was a member on Club Lexus

Total Savings: $317.95  ( this also does not take into account what shipping would have been for the other items or the fact that i will have an extra side mount sparco bracket i could sell and make money off of)


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