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I wanna be like Mike

Stepped back onto the ice for the first time after my “Retirement”. It resulted in me getting a shutout. Not bad for what like 5-6 months down time.  I wasn’t nearly as out of shape as I thought i would be.  I think the key really is good Hydration leading up to and during the game.

It was a pretty easy night though.  I wasn’t looking for anything and mainly just worked on my zone positioning, my stance, and my timing the puck carriers rythym. Noticed that using the new three zone position technique I read about it was easier to keep my head stick and center of my abdomin all inline with the puck keeping me more balanced andin better postion to make saves.

I also worked on staying aggresive on the breakaway and waiting till the absolute last second to either go into the butterfly or play the puck up high.

Things I really need to work on are awareness after the inital save and puck handling with my stick


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  1. Lu MAD!!!!

    April 23, 2010 at 6:41 pm

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