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SRS Movie Review: Nightmare on Elm St. (2010)

Had been seeing the trailer for this for quite a while now and looked like ti would be alot better than most of the supposedly scary movies that they have been coming out with lately.  Now I green up when this movie series first came out and I remember sneaking late night and watching this at my cousins house.  We were like 5 maybe six and it had just came out to VHS.  Man was that the scariest shit ever.  I couldn’t sleep for days.  Then they came out with all the sequels and got corny and cheesy.

This version returned the movie back its original suspenseful scary past.  More than a few times during the movie the audience flinched or jumped around us.  Jackie Haley (played Rorschach on Watchmen) played the Freddy role perfectly.  He was very creepy.  One really nice parts of the movie was they actually explained where Freddy came from and why he was doing what he was doing and when they did it just made the movie that much creepier.

I think if you remember watching this stuff as a kid you should go seee this one.  Its worth the money.  I wasn’t bored at all or upset with the outcome in anyway


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