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SRS Movie Review: Ironman 2

Went and saw this movie last night.  For thing I have to say is the final climatic battle scene was absolutely awesome.  Totally blew my mind.  The scene on the trailer where you see Ironman and War Machine back to back blasting away was absolutely amazing.  I did feel that during the middle of the movie things kind of dragged a little bit, but they were using that time for character development which they did a good job with.  The whole Tony and Pepper thing was developed nicely.

I would like to say also that Don Cheadle did a 1000x better job as Rhody.  He had a lot more authority and presence although at times you wanted to punch him in the face for being a douchebag.  The hints into the Avengers movie were once again heavily involved in this movie to.  If we set up a marvel movie time line the Ironman movies take place both before the Incredible Hulk movie.  I’m stoked for this Avengers thing.  I am however wondering about the Captian America and Thor characters and when they are going to have their movies and whether or not those are even going to be interesting.

I am also confused as to whether the drones in this movie were hinting toward an Early version of Ultron.  This is all confusing as the totally chopped apart the back story of the Crimson Dynamo.  That whole thing was confusing as hell to me or anyone who actually knew the background of Ironman and the characters involved.  Oh well thats holly wood for you.  They killed off half the Xmen, killed off Venom, what can you expect


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  1. Nice review! Thanks for sharing this. I personally love this movie. It may not deserve an Oscar, but it is really entertaining.

    June 18, 2010 at 4:37 am

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