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JZZ Update: Junk in the Trunk

Well this Sunday while the GF was working i got up at 8 and went to drop the entire rear end out of my car and get some work done.  Took me about 8 hours of straight non stop work to get everything out/removed/replaced and back into the car.  I was super suprised at still how clean and rustless my chassi is for being 13 years old.  Very little rust at all, hell the old differential pumpkin was the rustiest thing back there.  All the Bolts and nuts were nice and clean and it seemed that a good number of them were aluminum or some sort of lighter weight alloy for the size they were.

PBM solid rear subframe collars:  PBM is now making these for American chassi so you no longer need to machine the top piece yourself.  They fit in the perfectly.  All I did is with the differential out I undid the two front subframe bolts while supporting the subframe with a jack.  I then let the jack down a bit and the subframe came down just enough to slide the top collars in and make sure they were seated correctly.  Then simply put the bottoms on silde the blot in and jack the subframe back up and your set.

Also Swapped out my old open diff for a welded 4.27 geared diff.  Lots better acceleration and gearing for the car.  Its not so sluggish and boggy now.  PBM solid bushings for that too


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