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SRS Movie Review: Predators

Os I have always been a fan of the Aliens/Predator Genre.  Love the original movies from way back and semi enjoyed the recent AVP movie line even though they seemed to ruin the whole timeline and a lot of the character design but they were fun to watch and just see the characters.  When I saw the trailer for Predators a few months ago and saw that it was not the same people who made the AVP movies I was full stoked.  It was also super cool that it was not taking place on earth as the all the earth settings were getting kind of boring.

I liked the very opening scene alot with the dude just free-falling instantly as they start the movie and crashing into a jungle.  The first 20 minutes seemed a little slow to me but that’s cause I semi knew the story line of this and just wanted to get to the action.  For people coming into Predators with no background this was building the story and getting them pumped up for WTF was doing these things.  IF you came into this movie having almost no idea what it was about I think the movie did a good job of making the audience feel as the audience of the original Predator movie must have felt.

For people whining about the lack of character development I say of course there isn’t any,  You put all the earths top killers together most being secret operatives for random governments or mercenaries and you expect them to spill their guts to each other.  These are people who survive by  keeping their lips sealed.  This isn’t The View this is an alien planet where these people are being hunted for sport, they aren’t just going to sit down , do each others hair and sing Kum bai ya.

They alien characters were real cool.  The predators have gone back to their more original design where they were lean and muscular rather than big bulky hulks, it played back into them being agile hunters/warriors.  It was cool that you had the two different tribes or species present too.  The “wolf” Predators and then the one tied up regular Predator.  It made me think of some of the graphic novel stuff when Predator tribes fought each other.  One thing I do have to complain about is the fact that the Wolf Predators were dispatched rather easily.  The only death I was happy with was the sword fight death between the Yakuza and the Scythe wrist blade predator.  It was cool that the Predator seemed to show a sense of honor for the battle just like the Yakuza.

Beyond that the rest of the movie was awesome.  I thought for a bit the regular predator was going to fuck some shit up.  I did notice that maybe the regular predators are a little bit smarter than the “wolf” Predators.  This could be cause the ferocity of the “wolf” Predators causes them to act quicker before calculating things out more than the normal Predators.  It was a very good movie, even my girlfriend who didn’t know much of anything got pulled into the movie and enjoyed it.  Go see this.


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