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This isn’t the NHL Bro.

Had the 4th game of the season last night with almost all of my new equipment.  I have to say I think I played the best I ever have.  First period I got absolutely smoked by this one guys shot.  It was a holy shit moment for me and half the people  on the ice.  5 feet out from the crease in traffic this dude back hands a rocket off-balance straight over my shoulder to the cross-bar.  Insane shot.  Then I let two mistake goals in like real shitty ones because I am not used to having black leg pads and lost the puck in my vision against them,  Tightened my shit down after that and shut the other team down for the next two periods.

Stopped 4 breakaways, had one save where i came out challenged and butterflied a slap shot the rebound went way out to center made the blocker save on that shot into the right side faceoff circle to an opponent he was all alone no time to react so i just dove and fell on the puck with the paddle of my stick.  I had some really strong scrambles in front of the net.  The new leg pads are amazing  that one inch difference in width changes mobility soo much.  My work on positioning has really been helping to, to the advice of a pro and i have been staying deep in the crease and centered then coming out to challenge the play.  Doing that has really helped me stay on position to play the angle and not create holes in the net.  No amazing glove saves last night but lots of good leg work.  Won 9-3 with my hardest period being the second.  I had great defense though and that made the difference, all my shooting lanes were wide open and when they did slip up and give up a break away the fished out the play and were there right after I made the save to help me if there was a rebound.


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  1. Good job!

    On my Wednesday I had some really good slappers… but the goalie was amazing and gloved them no problem. Used their D guys as screens too.
    Shooooooot, man.

    September 3, 2010 at 12:20 pm

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