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Rbk Pro “Special Edition” Goalie Pants

Sam gave me a my gifts early.  The thing I was most excited to get my hand on were these beauties.

Tampa bay pro colors Navy and reflective white.  Immediately out of the box I was amazed at how small these were but how much more padding was packed into them.  The difference between these pants and the CCM vector pants I have been skating in is night and day. Both are mediums and the CCM were always big on me and really required the suspenders to stay on. 

The internal belt you can see in the picture is the best invention ever.  The belt actually holds these pants up perfectly but allow you to move in them better than ever.  These are also the only pants I have seen with removable padding on the inside for people who like a little more motion you can remove two pieces of the out leg pattern.  With the pieces in the pants were actually snug around my leg which felt weird to me.  I added my suspenders to simpy keep my C/A from riding up. Integration with the C/A was even better than with the CCM pants which since these are smaller and I like to tuck my C/A in i worried about bunching but man the fit was great. 

I cannot wait to skate with these.


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