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A Blocker is a Blocker right?

God how wrong I was.  I bought the black/silver/royal blocker at the beginning of the season to match my new equipment and because my ccm blocker was getting tired.  I have to say the TPS Xi line is garbage, its like street hockey quality. I’m going to compare this to the super basic Bauer X40 I just bought.

you can see the TPS junk is bigger which you would think would be better but it made it so it was just big and clunky and surprisingly heavy.  Not something you need on your stick side.

Here you can see some more issues with the TPS vs. the Bauer.  The TPS has a very thick flat paddle board  which really affected wrist movement and the ability to go paddle down.  Also the thumb on the TPS was very closed off making picking up my stick off the ice should I have dropped it a pain in the ass.

here you can see the actual gloves and let me tell you the glove on the TPS was huge and sloppy, I had to wear a batting glove inside that glove to keep it from falling off.  The Bauer glove fits my hand perfectly.

The Bauer X40 blocker is a super basic generic blocker design with mainly just basic injection molded plastic but man compared to that TPS Xi it feels like a pro level blocker.  So happy to see that TPS junk go.


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