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SRS moment of Reflection

A good chunk of the car culture people are now closing in on their 30s and 40s and while many have dropped out of the rat race or slowed and moved on to bigger and better things there are still a vast majority of people playing with their cars.  We just move on to bigger and better cars like High HP stuff or High Class stuff not a big deal.  Tastes change.

Now one thing I find that I’m having some thoughts about lately after settling down is children.  I’ll be 29 this year and I can’t say that I haven’t thought about kids but with the start of affairs being that way it is for the Human race I really have second thoughts.  I don’t know if I want to put a child through having to grow up and pay way too much to go to college for a degree that currently doesn’t guarantee them a job good enough not to be paying student loans for 15 years.  Then they will get to work themselves to the bone to basically pay for all these worthless scumbags that leech of society on welfare, food stamps and unemployment while buying new cars and tvs on my children’s hard-worked dime because the government and play stern parent and give some tough love.  Instead they cut costs and funding to the things that will take care of me and my children when we get older meaning we’ll both never be able to retire or get the correct health care we deserve.

It’s a backwards world.  The rich get richer and keep laws in place that only benefit themselves and the lazy and degenerates get rewarded for being lazy.  It’s currently easier to get welfare, food stamps and collect unemployment then it is to be middle class and have a job.  if you need more money pop out another kid so you can go on vacation or get that 65″ big screen tv.  Its disheartening.  The government needs to budget money to get rid of the deficit, I say teach the country to grow the fuck up.  Late nature be our guide; survival of the fittest, get rid of Welfare, Food stamps and unemployment.  You don’t want to earn an honest living then you can starve and die.  Don’t drag me down with you


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  1. Word up.

    September 26, 2011 at 11:20 am

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