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2012 Warrior Ritual Goalie equipment line

This line coming out for 2012 (can be seen on some of the Pros now) is one of the most ingenuitive new lines of gear I have ever seen.  Some of the Buzz going around in the game is think of Vaughn Velocity pads but 5 generations ahead of the Velocity 4s availible today.  So much though has clearly gone into the line to make it perform better for goaltenders.  Lets watch the review on the gloves and blockers first.

Now in speaking to a few people and trying out the Warrior Fortess line I know that the Ritual Gloves and Blockers are actually Fortress equipment with some more options added mainly those nice new flex areas they were talking about around the fingers and the cuff.  Pete Smith said that he hasn’t had time to really work the gloves over but there will be some more changes coming down the road.  I loved the blocker and the way the palms were done.  The glove just wasn’t my cup of tea.

The video says it all for the leg pads.  Like nothing anyone is offering currently


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