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Custom Ordered Sherwood Gear

For my birthday coming up on Jan. 17th I decided to custom order some more Equipment for myself and get something actually built to the exact specs and colors I wanted.

I chose the Sherwood T95 leg pads because of their stiffer but still flexible in the thigh rise construction and the fact they were made in Canada.  The price point was great and the turn around time was only like 6-8 weeks through  In fact I want to take a second and say that For any kind of equipment GoalieMonkey is a great business.  I worked with the manager Rob and his employee Ryan out in CA where all the custom orders get placed.  They helped we figure out I was getting what I wanted and even talked to Sherwood about getting a couple of additional things added to the order for me.  Called me without calling them and everything.  SO far the order set up and placement has been a great experience.

Sam decided to give me money towards the pads which I used to buy the matching pro level glove which I custom ordered in all white, with a double T and skate lace pocket and Niemi spec which is a flatter finger area ( this is a set up worn by Antii Niemi of the San Jose Sharks).  It gives the glove a little more surface area.  What I loved about the T100 was how great of a fit you could get on your hand.  That center strap that runs across the back of the hand really secures the glove to your hand.  To many time have a had a puck sneak by because my glove rotated on my hand.  Being made in Canada and a custom Pro level glove for $450 was a huge selling feature to.  Another big thing for me was the hand position and the way you catch with it.  It just feels a little more natural than my Vaughn 7480 which until i tried this glove on I thought was the best glove for me.

I then got home and was thinking of an all white blocker to match this new set.  To amazement Sam said pick one out and she’d buy it for me.  So this is the only place I wasn’t oo happy with the Sherwood offering.  Yes it was super light and well balance but the actually leather glove on the inside was a bit sloppy and the finger protection I felt was lacking in comparison to the Vaughn Vision 9400 I currently wear.  The 9400 is a great glove but I find that it is a touch heavy and the side board protection is actually a bit too much and interferes with my stick from time to time.  So I searched and searched and decided on an all white Reebok Larceny L7.  Now I know a lot of people are going to say a L7 is the economy SR line junk but here is my argument against that.  The larceny blockers are all tanks, the biggest difference between the L7, L9 and Pro are

  • stitched on graphics for the pro, stitched on and painted for the L9 and painted for the L7.  I ordered all white though so there will be no paint and all the stitching will be the same
  • Materials and foams, the pro and L7 will have higher density foams but their all made over seas so not a big deal its a blocker, my guess is the lesser grade foams in the L9 will make it a touch lighter
  • Pro you can change hand position and glove make up and add another layer to the palm.  Don’t need to change hand position and the L7 already has 2 layers in the palm which is fine by me since I tape just above the paddle of my stick anyway

So for $121 the L7 meets all me need where the $200 and $300 L9 and Pro would just have things that i personal wouldn’t need, notice or miss.



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