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New Aquisitions

Here are three of my newest pick ups hockey equipment wise

Eddy Jonas Hiller Custom Kevlar Helmet:  Can’t say enough good things about this helmet.  Its a good deal lighter and smaller in over all design than my Eddy Leroc which I loved.  It has the “long Chin” design so it seals up with my C/A quite well and protects my throat without needing one of those annoying plastic danglers.  your face sits very far forward in the helmet so the visibility is probably the best i have ever had.  This is a great sub $500 helmet.

Sherwood T100 Catcher:

This is the catcher I had ordered and posted a video about in a previous post.  Feels like its going to be a great glove.  The pro palm in it though is really going to need some work in order to get that nice broken in closure.  I have one complaint, the PL-33 graphic that is sewn on the front of the glove is two layers of jenpro and it runs right through the break of the glove and I really think that is currently until broken in more impedes closure

Reebok Larcenary Blocker

Not much to say here but its a great light weight cheap blocker which actually has a ton of protection that unlike the Vaughn Vision 9400 blocker i just recently bought doesn’t get in the way of stick handling


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