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Equipment for sale

For sale used Vaughn Goalie equipment.  These peices were used for half of a season while my custom set was being finished off.

Vaughn Vision 9400 Leg Pads 34+1 white/black/silver – used 30 games max

•More ridged knee and thigh rise provides the needed tools for the butterfly style•Firmer flat front blocking surface with a single horizontal flex seam at the ankle area •Flex-lam interior padding system consists of several layers of varying foam densities that are hand lasted together for a consistent shape, feel, and excellent durability •Beveled outside roll designed to reduce weight, control rebounds and contribute to the solid feel from the ankle break to the top of the thigh rise •Larger thigh rise area with square corners maximizes blocking surface and seals up the five hole •More solid internal construction contributes to the feel and helps prevent pucks from slipping through •Narrow outside panels with a pre-curved shape to allow for the natural bend at the knee and ankle areas of the leg •Pre-curved shape places the goalie in a more ergonomic correct position for more power and speed •Tapered leg cradle shape gets progressively tighter from top to bottom for much improved comfort and control •Tapered cradle contributes to a quicker rotation speed to help you square up faster when moving to the ice •Adjustable knee cradle and thigh guards with molded inserts for a custom fit and improved protection •Adjustable knee lifter to match your body type and style

Vaughn Velocity 4 T7480LE glove- used 30 games max $150 The new 7480 limited edition catch glove features a design with a deep contoured catching surface with an extra wide palm area to give more depth and surface area to the glove for added net coverage. New style off set T-web provides a larger pocket area and the skate lace webbing functions to reduce puck spin for better puck retention. The T-web top bar is reinforced along the top perimeter edge to provide added strength and rigidity to the top edge of the glove. New internal hand design gives a more vertical thumb angle and hand position. Dual adjustable straps over the back of the fingersand back of the hand allow the glove to be tightened on the hand for added security and feel. New style wrist strap has a solid anchor point to allow for an even tighter wrist strap adjustment. The pal area of the glove features an extra layer of internal padding to add protection and reduce rebounding. Wide cuff opening design allows for added wrist movement. The top thumb and cuff feature a molded deflecting ramp to limit puck skip over on hard shots. The back hand protection includes high density foams over the back fingers and a finger tip deflecting ramp to protect the finger tips.

Vaughn Vision 9400 Blocker $100 used 5 times

•Features many of the design elements of the 9500 blocker but with a binding around the blocker board •New design incorporates unique construction with the side shield becoming integral to the front blocking surface •Side shield integration gives increased rigidity and stiffens the perimeter edge for superior blocking •Design of the side shield also provides much improved side hand protection •High density foam board provides light weight protection and is reinforced with a polyethylene overlay for added durability •Pro design finger protectors cover the index finger when extended over the paddle of the stick for increased coverage •Side shield with a narrower slot for the paddle closes the gap to prevent pucks from sliding up the paddle and impacting the hand •Wide cuff opening allows for maximum wrist movements for high level of play •Ergonomically designed palm with mesh gusset construction •Tapered board end for less ice interference


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