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Project: good enough isn’t good enough this time

Well, I’ll finally be moving onto my land within the next year. The house is beyond run the fuck down so the plan is for the next two years I’m just going to put as little money as I have to so its livable and then when Sam graduates we’ll buy a decent two story modular home and tear out the old house. This gives me two years of virtually no bills since I own all three of my cars, own my land and current shanty of a house (its not worth restoring at all) and have almost completely paid off my student loans.

So I started the final steps of a little project long in the making.

As you can see a couple of the pieces have already arrived and the rest are on their way just apparently they are made to order. This isn’t baller assed Vertex but its a decent duraflex knock off. I have never been one to be all name brandy and it usually at time bites me in the as but fuck it for the price i get this entire kit for I couldn’t even buy the front bumper of the actual non widebody Vertex kit.

Quality of this stuff so far is halfway decent. Better than my previous aero pieces. I don’t mind doing a lot of fitting work. The only thing I am not sure of is what kind of filler do you use on duraflex ( a very flexible almost polyurethane fiberglass). Kitty hair?

Pics of how the rear overs sit out of the box.

Now the whole plan of this project is to thing 100% right this time around and to have a car that for a while has no visible cracks or zipties although I still plan on using zipties to attach the bumpers cause it makes life so easy to remove those pieces. I’m not building a drift car anymore I am building a mid life crisis neck-breaker. I want a car that turns the head of your average porsche, M3, S4 sub $100K car driver.

Surprisingly I apparently had already pulled my rear fenders to near wide body width. I was planning on having to run a spacer and being able to run little to zero camber. Looks like I’m going to have to possibly choose one or the other though.

Now I have a lot of work ahead of me and I know I am going to have to get the car repainted after this one, but I have decided I really do not want pearl white again so I need to know if its possible and fairly cheap (don’t want to spend $5000 on paint) to just do a plain high contrast white. The pearl just sucks for chips and repair and unless its spotless clean it just looks BLEH. I have seen a couple of wide body pearl white SC and the pearl really muddies the nice lines of the wide body.

So plans are:
-Pull the car off the road after Travis’s Dad’s Cruise
-Pull the old kit off
-cut out the rear quarter panels and find some one to come to the garage and weld them up
-Tear down the rear suspension and swap to these

-go from welded to limited slip rear end
-pull drivers seat and have upholstered in black leather with diamond pattern inserts
– fill in second passengers side exhaust hole in rear bumper
– fit wide body
– do all body work to the best of my abilities
– send car out for respray to standard white

The car is going to be mint when I’m done. Any one who wants to offer help or advice on the body work it will be greatly appreciated

exciting things are ahead


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