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Project: Good Enough Just Isn’t Good Enough This Time…. Getting stuff done

Got some shit done today

Pulled the entire front end apart today

Test fitted the fenders, which the fenders themselves fit almost perfectly but the following picture will show you the reality.

Virtually none of the mounting tabs come even remotely close to lining up with the chassis points.

I think there were possibly 3 locations where a hole could be drilled and an actual OEM bolt used. Pretty piss poor, but you have to expect it with a kit that cost less than half of the Vertex original. I plan personally on making sure the fender itself lines up perfectly outside which means I will probably be making some 1/8″ aluminum adapter plates to attach the mounting points on the fenders to the mounting points on the chassi

Fitment otherwise is pretty good

Hood lines look good

The kit itself fits together fairly well also. I need to shave a couple of little corners down but that will not be hard at all

The rear overs fit fairly well also, little waviness and gaps along the window line and trunk line

What I am surprised about is looking at things fitted I really don’t have much more room for bigger tires in front or rear. In fact currently with the 215/45 in front I don’t think I can pull out more than 3* of the -5* of camber I have in the front before destroying those fenders. In the rear zero camber current tires and a 10mm slip on space may see a little poke even.

Either Vertex Ridge really isn’t as wide as everyone makes it out to be or the wheel set up on my car and the pull i did on all the fenders was far more aggressive than I thought it was.


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