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Project: Good enough just isn’t good enough this time: Butter Face

I got the front bumper a week or so ago.  Out of the box I could see that the mold on this one was sub par and unfortunately I can not say that I am very happy with the condition or the quality of this piece.  The runs and the horribly uneven edges in the material are a bit more than expected but still regularly expected who cares.   A little sanding and filling not a huge deal.

The grill section is pretty much spotless.  Happy with this, much better than my previous bumper.  It even has a little piece to attach the grill to so it can be secured better like the oem bumper.



The passenger’s side fog light fits like a glove and this bumper even has tabs and cups to secure the fog light.  On the left side things fit perfectly.  On the ride side  not so perfect.  Clearly the mold for the support for the fog light has sagged in enough that the fog light will not slide all the way back.  Little heat or possibly some cutting /shaving will take care of it.  Again no big deal, better than anything i have had before.



So far so good really.  On to what actually pissed me off a bit.  The high beam holes.  Now on a good number of other units the kit company doesn’t cut these out you as a customer have to which I personally prefer cause I am going to cut the hole with a lot more care than anyone else.  Now on this bumper I don’t think those parts are cut just molded with that space void.  The drivers side is not bad at all.


A little shave here and a little fill in a couple of the visible notches or chips.  On to the passengers side, which is the spot that is absolutely not acceptable and clearly visible to the naked eye.  100%  a quality control issue at the factory and for me will require a lot of work and unfortunately due to its location always be a weak point.

Gaps are gaps, but this is just ridiculous and could easily have been quality controlled or prevented  by just simply not molding the holes or cutting them out.  Mold the indent for the hole and let the customer cut it out.  It would make life so much easier for the customer to fit this constant trouble area on these after market bumpers to their car.

This is duraflex material which means it has some flex to it and is semi close oem bumper material.  Any of you paint and body guys have suggests of what i should fill that giant gap with.  My concern is fiberglass matte and resin may be to rigid attached to the duraflex in that area and lead to constant cracking


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