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Brian’s G-NETIK Catch Glove Review

I want to start by thanking The Goalie Crease and Roddy Rod (Rod Laforme) for all the grade a customer service they have given me recently for this glove and a few other things.  I think the most talked about line this year has been the Brian’s G-Netik line.  Possibly even more talked about and sought after than the returning CCM line.  The pads and blocker had some great new innovations but pale in comparison to the glove in this line.  This glove is supposed to be the game changer.  Its biggest boast being a game ready PRO palm.  I ordered my glove customer through TGC back in September and received it just before Thanksgiving.  It was made in the very first production run of custom orders.

I was really drawn to the glove because of the overall shape and the boast of the game ready Pro palm.Coming from a Reebok P3 pro return that i loved purchasing a glove from a brand I had never worn before and hadn’t really impressed me with the Subzero I was a bit skeptical.

Out of the box the glove is top-notch quality.  Finished perfectly in every way and lighter on the hand than the P3.  The back hand has very good coverage and as you can see it has a huge pocket.  One thing to note that I like about the back of the glove is the cuff.  It is two separate pieces brought together by the gloves straps, however the pieces split exactly where your arm tend to sit when you are playing the face of the glove straight on to the puck/shooter.  This cuff is much less restrictive than some past gloves I have had, even less restrictive than the P3’s floating cuff.

The inside of the glove is probably one of the biggest changes compared to anything else on the market.  Gone are the thumb strap and the pinky strap.  The wrist strap is actually free from the glove itself but the nylon strap tightens the wrist sling/nash material (which is very grippy when wet) around your wrist.  So the glove has a tight grip of your wrist without hindering movement.

The finger stalls run much smaller and shorter.  I have smaller hands and this glove definitely seems to cater to smaller hands perfectly.  I can see with some of the guys with bigger hands might be complaining about comfort and feel on this glove.  If my hand was larger than it is the ‘SLING” they have in the thumb tunnel of the glove would cause a pressure spot.

A complaint that I do have is how the back of the glove opens.  It is actually kind of a pain to open the glove up, which I guess you wouldn’t really need to do too much with that special silver anti smell stuff built into the glove, but lets just say you wanted to adjust the finger strap or palm strap during a game it’s not going to be that easier to do during a whistle.  The wide finger strap feels great.  Unlike the leather strap on the P3 and other gloves you can tighten it down but still flexes enough that it doesn’t affect your hand closure.  Speaking about closure, this seems to be a topic of debate and it all has to do with the game ready pro palm.  The whole idea of this was instead of adding the pro palm as felt to the inside of the glove making it harder to close and bulkier in the hand Brian’s added a gel to the to the outside face of the palm.  This gives you a game ready easy closure right off the shelf.

Here is a picture of it closing out of the box, very easy but the is some break in needed,  The pro palm gel actually prevents you from closing the fingers all the way to the palm until broken in which only takes 2 or 3 games as can be seen in the before and after pictures below

That is the difference in closure seal after 2 games.  So maybe not game ready but this is still the fastest full break in i have ever experienced.

One thing that took me a little time to adjust to was  the 35* break.  I was very used to the 60* break of the P3.  While the two gloves look similar in  pocket location I found the overall  bowl/concave of the catch surface is much bigger on the G-Netik and the actual T area is much larger as well.  The break inside the glove fits into my palm perfectly where on the P3 I have which has a Pro maybe even Practice palm I found there was so much material there I was using a lot of my finger tips and finger strength to close that.

All in all I think that this has to be in the running for the best glove of the year.  Maybe even the past few years,


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