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Sportmask Pro Series 2 Cam Ward

Once again a big thanks goes out to Roddy Rod (Rod Laforme) at The Goalie Crease for hooking me up with this helmet and installing the chin sling for me.  I also have to thank  Mike at Capital Region Customs for powder coating the cage red chrome for me and Duane at Leblanc designs for cutting the vinyl for my Demon theme.


I chose the Sportmask Pro Series because it is modeled directly after what the pro’s wear.  This one I don’t think is a 100% accurate model to what Cam Ward wears because the chin on his last Sportmask seems in pictures at least to be a bit longer than the model I have in my hands.  Not complaining just an observation.  The fit and finish of this mask is better than any I have ever owned.

There had been complaints in the past about Sportmasks being thin and weak in the chin.  This unit is full carbon and the chin area has to be at least 1/4″ thick so I don’t see that being an issue.  The Pro Series 2 Cam Ward is spec’d very close to the Pro SC.  The Wardo model has a short cage but a longer shin.  It also runs much smaller than most helmets.  It is definitely not for everyone.  I have a smaller head size and a narrow face and it is a snug fit on me.  A perfect fit really.  With the sling my face sit very far forward in the mask and vision is excellent.  In the past I have had issues with helmets shifting during play and being a distraction.  No movement issues here, its a good firm all around fit without any bad pressure points.

Padding is substantial and I had to note that at first the helmet really did not fit.  I wore it around the house for 5-6 hours and it felt better.  After the first game it felt even better and now after 4-5 games it has to be the best fit I have ever had, just narrowly edging out my Eddy Hiller Custom Kevlar and only really because it’s a bit lighter at 2.8 lbs and the chin is a hair shorter than the Hiller and doesn’t interfere with my chest and arm as much looking around the ice.

The chin sling is very nice and the one pictured had to have some trimming done to it because something was spilled on it that damaged the edges.   This is a very cool running helmet.  For as few holes as it has ti drafts very nicely and I find that my head sweats much less.  The back plate is also a Pro style back plate so if you are looking to do a full paint on your helmet the straps won’t cover your back plate design.

Overall this is a very specialized piece and I could not recommend it to everyone because of the smaller than average sizing.  I would however recommend any of the other Sportmask Pro Series units and for a move average fitting size you can look at the PRO SC or LC.   The Cam Ward Model is an awesome unit for me and I think I’ll be staying in this mask for quite some time.


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