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AGA Total Control Range

Here is a mere glimpse into what I do to pay the bills. The AGA Total Control cooker represents an important breakthrough in heat-storage engineering. Patented technology(International Patent Pending PCT/GB2011/050978) developed within our own research and development facility means that, for the first time, each oven has its own heat source. The result is increased programmability, more even heat distribution and more consistent oven temperatures. What hasn’t changed is that this next generation AGA cooker still works on the principle of radiant kind-to-food heat, meaning that – just like classic AGA heat-storage cookers – it cooks beautifully, locking in flavour and moisture. This is the first AGA cooker to be part-assembled on a production line, meaning exceptional build quality and adherence to the highest production standards. Rest assured, however, that our skilled engineers finish the assembly in your home, maintaining our commitment to the very highest levels of customer care.



Starting @ $14950 on display exclusively for Upstate NY at Adirondack Appliance


English: Front of a 2006 Aga GC3 in cream.

English: Front of a 2006 Aga GC3 in cream. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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  1. Our product mix is getting pretty epic!

    November 29, 2012 at 9:35 am

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