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Maltese Sports GPS Mask Padding Kit

My Fiance bought me the Maltese Gel helmet kit for my birthday and thanks to a rogue face book post from the man himself Phillip Maltese ruining her surprise I got to get my hands on it a week early.  This was actually the original item that got me interested in Maltese Sports and their Gel products but at the time I was too whimpy to tear the foam out of my already comfortable Sportmask Pro Series 2 Cam Ward  Mold.  I mean if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right.  Anyway I can’t say enough good things about Maltese Sports and their products.  As custom as you want them to be and grade A customer service. On to the pictures.

The only thing that annoyed me with the OEM Foams in the Sportmask was the jaw area was way to tight at first,  had to shave the foams a bit to get it to fit and then my nose touched the cage and it got cold.  Also the foam on the chin sling quickly got disgusting.

Stock foam pulled out using goo gone and cotton facial make up pads.  I was lucky  and the foams just pulled out all together.  Once I got the left over glue i wiped everything down with rubbing alcohol.

All the Gel pieces laid out and ready to install.    I had to trim the chin sling quite a bit to fit into my helmet cause the Cam Ward runs small and narrow.  I also ended up having to build the forehead way out to.  The stock foam was close to 2″ thick in the forehead.  I think mine is about 1″ thick now but I have to use the two forehead pieces and three small dots.  Its crazy how perfectly everything fits now.

Finished product



One response

  1. Philip Maltese II

    It looks as though you spent some time on this post. Very glad to read you were successful and the fir is better. Two inches thick in the forehead was the original padding?? That’s crazy!

    January 10, 2013 at 10:03 pm

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