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New Helmet Project

I picked up this helmet off the GSBB classified as Micheal Hutchinson Pro return.  The seller did not know what model it was so I did some research on it and I am 99% sure that it is a Pro custom T3 mold.  The paint was in rough shape and the gold was flaking off of the cage everywhere.

However the hardware was solid and aside from the pealing of the gold plating the cage wasn’t bent in any way shape or form.  The mask shell was in excellent shape, no chips, cracks or flexing at all like a number of people complain about from Sportmask.  I personally think these issues only come in their lower end retail Senior stuff like the Riccochet, T3 Senior, X8 Senior.

Here you can see the comparison between the Pro Custom T3 and my Pro Series 2 Cam Ward model.  The biggest difference is the  chin and how aggressive the crown ridges are.  I noticed that the Chin area is also slightly thinner than my Pro series 2.  The biggest thing that I like about this mask is the Chin is a little bit longer and doesn’t have that really pronounced bump just under the cage.  Overall size the Pro Series 2 seems a little  narrower.

The window size is exactly the same which is kind of odd because the pro series 2 has the smallest window available through  Sportmask.  The Chin is about half an inch longer on the Pro return which I personally think looks more like what Ward was wearing last year than my Cam Ward model.

Here is a picture of the interior after all the foams (which were shot by the way) were removed and the shell was cleaned up with some Goo Gone.  I am sending the shell out for a fresh coat of white paint and the cage out to be powder coated white.  When it gets back I have Leblanc Designs making me another one of my signature “demon” vinyl kits in black and  red. I will be putting a Maltese gel mask padding kit and a sham sweat band in with some new straps.  Mask should be better than new.


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