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SC400 Project: 98 SC400 Gated shifter conversion

Converted my 97 “Dildo-matic” shifter to the nice 98+ gated shifter.

Some thing to be noted that I didn’t know going into the job that would have been very helpful.

The write up on clublexus is very helpful but here are some issues I had

1. If you have a 4 speed auto and not a 5 speed auto the gear will not match up perfectly  “4-D” will be drive with O/D off and Drive with O/D on, “3” will be 2 and “2-L” will be low

2. The shift linkage for my car did not need to be shortened

3. On my car the wiring for the ECT was different and reference to a posting someones else made for an SC300

4. I relocated the traction switch to a small rectangular cut out on the center console behind the ebrake



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