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Women Cars and Photography (Possible slight NWS)

Now this could be strictly because of the state of mind I am in or because as we age our tastes become more refined.  I definitely have tried the girls in lingerie or Bikinis with car thing but was just never quite happy with those pictures.  Now I totally agree that it definitely boils down to the car and the girl but I think a classy picture can scream more sex than what you tend to see now on covers of magazines and spread all over the internet.  Boudoir pictures are huge now, but still I think the right dress on a girl who knows just how to move her legs, arch her back or tussle her hair is 10 times hotter then even the fittest body in a itsy bitsy bikini.  Case In point:

Versus this:

I have nothing against these girls as they are all very attractive and they are only being pulled into the trend in that photography at the time and it may just be personal preference but I believe that there will be a good number that agree with me here.  You can also see that I chose a good mix of vehicle, we have super cars, luxury and everyday cars in each example so there can be no arguing that it comes with a certain maturity level or market


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